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“The Next 15” is definitely an unconventional reality show and we loved every minute of it!

For a quick refresher, the cast of the experimental show included the combustable personalities of Benzino from Love & Hip Hop, Claudia Jordan from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard from Flavor Of Love and Laura Giovan also from Basketball Wives.

The cast was supposed to be elated to have another chance at the spotlight so one would think that everyone would want to show their gratitude by being friends, holding hands and singing kumbaya. Unfortunately, everyone was back to their old antics that made them infamous in their former life. (If it’s not broke, why fix it, right?) In case you missed it, here are the top moments from part one and two of “The Next 15” reunion.

Did Jennifer Lay With Benzino? 

According to Claudia, Jennifer and Benzino may have more in common than their past on VH1. “You’re the hoe, I’m not the hoe! And you’re f**king Benzino” said residential pot stirrer Claudia in reference to Jennifer. “I wasn’t petty until today!” claims Claudia, okay girl. In actuality, Benzino loss his mother and Jennifer’s mom recently passed away so the two have formed a genuine bond despite Claudia’s suspicion.

We’ve Found The New Peter Thomas & Cynthia Bailey

Maintaining a relationship in front of cameras is far from easy. Ask Peter and Cynthia from RHOA. After five years of marriage, the pair are reportedly filing for divorce. Similarly, Benzino and Althea Heart  began their relationship on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, then Marriage Bootcamp and now The Next 15. The only thing the pair seem to have in common is their addiction to fame. The couple recently had a son and despite going back and forth on social media about their relationship being over, with another mouth to feed, we wouldn’t be surprised if Benzino and Althea have several more reality shows up their sleeves.

New York Has To Make A Scene

If Donald Trump can run for president, then why not Tiffany Pollard? With Claudia and Jennifer’s feud monopolizing the conversation, New York just had to interject herself and announce her bid for the presidency in 2020, (she’ll be running against Kanye West.) It’s not a reunion show if someone doesn’t storm off and New York did just that after taking offense at Laura’s “joke” that she ‘wishes there was more light skinned people on the cast’. Despite Laura being mixed (her father is black) New York said that she wasn’t African American and she also added that Laura was racist. “If you’re black and you’re standing in it, stand in it in all shades”….well New York may have a point.

Beauties, can you even phantom this cast getting back together for a second season? Let us know who you would like to see added and removed from the show for season 2 of “The Next 15”.


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