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LeBron James traded in his Cavs jersey for an apron. Well, at least for a day.

It was announced last year that LeBron wouldn’t renew his partnership with McDonald‘s in order to become a spokesperson for Blaze Pizza. Months later, LeBron’s star power has finally been used by the pizza chain in its hilarious new ad.

The commercial shows LeBron as new hire Ron, stacking pizza boxes and interacting with customers. While some people in the store look stunned and recognize Bron-Bron, others are pretty clueless. One girl even says he looks familiar before mistaking him for former Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade.

LeBron plays it up, pointing at a guy wearing a shirt with a basketball on it, and asks, “What’s that? A golfball.” His pizza-making coworker tries to explain what basketball is, but “Ron” has no clue.

Check out the spectacular commercial up top.

SOURCE: YouTube 

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