3. Engage in hair play.

Hair is a flirting tool that many women naturally use. Touching and flipping your hair not only shows it off, but brings attention to one of your best assets.

“We do it because we’re giving exposure,” Turner says. “It says, ‘I want you to see the beauty in my face; I want you to see me.’”

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4. Still keep your cool.

Be careful not to fidget too much, though, as a ton of unnatural movement can come off as being uncomfortable.

“It could also be a sign that she wants to get away, making her seem agitated or aggravated.”

5. Be vulnerable.

Exposing parts of the body like the neck, throat, or wrists may subconsciously indicate a level of trust and openness to your potential partner.

“Those areas are usually protected because they’re vulnerable,” Turner says, “But when a woman is comfortable with a man, she may show those areas, like tilting her head to expose her neck.”


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Dating Body Language: 5 Ways to Let Him Know You’re Interested  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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