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So, you’re on a date with a guy you really like, but does he know that you’re feeling him? According to new research, the answer might be in your body language — those subtle movements you may not be noticing.

“The most important part is understanding body language, but not obsessing over it,” says Jasmine Turner, matchmaker and founder of Black Match Made in Chicago. “It can confuse you if you’re looking at it the wrong way.”

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According to Turner, body language is most important during the pursuit phase. Although as a more traditional matchmaker, she doesn’t necessarily encourage women to pursue their desired male counterparts, she does suggest several ways to let them know your interest. Many of these hints, she says, are naturally subconscious, especially for confident women. Men don’t give off many of these signs.

But, what if you’re not always so comfortable on dates? Here are five suggestions to let him know you’re interested:

1. Start before the conversation begins.

Turner says there are ways to flirt without actually walking over to a man. A wink, a nice stare with a smile, and doing those things in a “feminine way” can pull men in.

“As women, we’re very sensual,” Turner says. “And that’s how we express interest.”

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2. Pucker up.

There’s a reason that celebs like Kim Kardashian have perfected the Instagram selfie pucker: our mouths are a big part of how we flirt.

“A little bit of openness and a little bit of pucker shows we’re interested,” Turner says.

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