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With the upcoming release of Barbershop: The Next Cut on April 15, we’ve been thinking a lot about our own experiences at our local Meccas of fresh cuts.

Traditionally speaking, the barbershop is known as a sacred space for Black men. It is the place where men go to chop it up about their day, discuss baby-mama drama, and of course argue about the 10 greatest rappers of all time.

However, as more and more women opt for the big chop, they have found their way into the testosterone-filled environment.

As a woman who rocks a pixie and often edges up my look with a few designs, I know first-hand how intimidating it can be to enter a male-dominated sphere. In fact, I can’t think of anything more daunting being the only female in a barbershop.

Whether you are female barber or just waiting to get a cut, the route to dope-haircut-heaven isn’t easy. Here are five gifs that perfectly describe being a woman in a barbershop.

When you overhear a dude exaggerating about how many women he has dated:

How you feel when the neighborhood player is trying to spit game:

The face you make when you know a dude is lying about dating a female you know:

Oh great, here comes the unnecessary—and often childish—barbershop roasts:

How you feel when you’ve been impatiently waiting and someone tries to skip you:


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