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FORT WORTH, Texas – It’s called a bucket theft. It’s where thieves use stolen construction equipment to swipe an ATM. And Fort Worth police have made an arrest in one such case from early Wednesday morning.

There’s no ATM left in the drive thru lane at the Omni American Bank.

Police said thieves used a front-end loader stolen from a nearby construction site to rip it from its foundation in an elaborate plan to get away with cash.

But it didn’t work.

Officers arrested 18-year-old Darius Jackson and 48-year-old Bobby Lee after spotting them allegedly driving down the street with the ATM.

A third suspect got away, police said.

Similar crimes have occurred throughout Dallas in past years allowing detectives to compare notes.

“Our investigators are still looking into this. They plan on communicating with Dallas to determine if there are any similarities to any crimes that they’re working,” said Sgt. Chad Mahaffey.