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Atlanta Principal Shows Off His Epic Dance Moves

Ron Clark is one of the most renown educators in the country. His passion for providing a quality learning experience to underserved students in Harlem and Atlanta caught the attention of Oprah who dubbed him one of her favorite teachers in America. As the Founder of the Ron Clark Academy, his non-traditional teaching methods includes rapping, singing and dancing with his students. Clark’s “Do It Like Me Challenge” video where he’s hitting all of the latest dance moves including the Whip/Nae Nae and Milly Rock, has been viewed over one million times on his Facebook page. Many people are impressed with Clark’s rhythm and his ability to keep up with his high energy middle school students. {AJC}

Hoverboard Catches Fire Causing Family To Lose Their Home

An Australian father thought he had taken all of the necessary safety precautions before purchasing three hoverboards as Christmas gifts for his daughters. The gadget, which requires the person to use their body weight to balance and propel forward became increasingly popular in 2015, especially throughout the holiday season. Ash Ibraheim of Melbourne and his family of five safely evacuated their home after one of the toys exploded and set their house on fire. His 8-year-old had began charging the board only ten minutes prior to the combustion. There have been so many instances of hoverboards catching fire on their charger, while in motion and even when they’re powered off that they have been barred from many airlines and from public transit. {ABC}

New York Replacing Payphones With Wifi Charging Stations

This month, New York will unveil it’s $200 million renovations to the city. Nearly 7,000 payphones throughout Manhattan, South Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island have been replaced with state of the art, weather proof, WiFi kiosks. Patrons will be able to use the portals to charge their phones, surf the internet within a 400 foot radius and place calls throughout the U.S. The cost of these services has not yet been announced but they’re expected to generate over $5 million in revenue for the city. For customers that may be worried about the security of the public Wifi systems, users will have the ability to join a private network that is encrypted and won’t collect browsing data. Use of banking websites is being discouraged but customers will have the option of clearing their search history. The 9-foot “Links” kiosks will be up and running by the end of January. {NY Daily Mail}

Former KKK Member, Who Supports Donald Trump, Wants To Host MLK Day Event

Montana native, John Abarr is making a subtle attempt at renouncing his affiliation as a white supremacist and leader of the Ku Klux Klan. In 2002 and 2012 he tried unsuccessfully to secure a seat in the state legislature with the platform, “Save the white race.” Since the death of his father in 2012, Abarr said he doesn’t feel pressured to be racist or discriminatory, “I didn’t really need to please him anymore” he told a local paper. To further demonstrate his change of heart, Abarr joined his local chapter of the NAACP and he’s even suggested celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day at First United Methodist Church, where his former wife attended services before she died in 2014. In an interesting turn of events, Abarr is a proud supporter of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. In his Facebook profile picture, he’s wearing a baseball cap with Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” {NY Daily News} 

Atlanta Teen Shot Over Hoverboard 

Police are currently investigating an attempted home invasion and armed robbery. A 16-year-old girl was riding a hoverboard from a convenience store to the Hidden Hollow Apartments on Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta. As the girl entered into the apartment, two males attempted to force their way in to steal the toy. The teen threw the hoverboard out the door and one of the assailants shot through the door hitting the young lady in her lower back. Police have yet to arrest the suspects. The victim is still hospitalized and in stable condition. {FOX 6 NOW}


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