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Charlie Sheen‘s announcement that he is HIV Positive has shocked Hollywood. The actor who over the years has become more know for his philandering ways and drug abuse said in an interview with Today Show anchor Matt Lauer that he has had unprotected sex with women after being diagnosed. We do not want to condemn Sheen for contracting the virus however, the fact that he may have risked the health of his sexual partners and others they may come in contact with should not go unnoticed.

There are many who know their status and continue to have unprotected sex with partners don’t not know that person is in fact HIV Positive.

Greater Than AIDS  has created a campaign entitled “Empowered: Women, HIV and Intimate Partner Violence” to bring more attention to the intersection of HIV & intimate partner violence. Tonya Lewis Lee talks with 5 women who has dealt with Intimate Partner Violence. It’s a very eye-opening series that everyone should pay attention too.

The campaign is produced in partnership with the National Domestic Violence Hotline / loveisrespect, Planned Parenthood, Positive Women’s Network and The Well Project with additional support from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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