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Fetty Wap is supposed to be recuperating from his motorcycle accident, but he’s causing a stir on social media for his outrageous behavior. A video has surfaced of the “My Way” rapper threatening to shoot his child’s mother outside of her grandmother’s house.

It all started when Fetty’s ex-girlfriend, Lezhae Zeona, who is the mother of his baby daughter, conducted a radio interview talking about her past relationship with the New Jersey rhymer. The young woman goes into great details about their courtship, including getting pregnant by Fetty during the first time they had sex. She also revealed that the “Trap Queen” rapper is not paying child support, among other intimate details.

Apparently, Fetty was not happy with the interview and confronted Zeona at her grandmother’s house. In the video above, the pair get into a heated argument before Fetty threatens to shoot her if she does another radio interview with them. You can also see Zeona waving a huge knife so you know this is not good.

On Saturday (Oct. 31), Fetty went on Instagram and shared a video of himself laughing, presumedly, at the whole situation. “Silly as hell…chilling in my drop though,” reads the caption.

In the end, it’s a complete mess.

Fetty Wap did go on Twitter to explain why he was yelling violent threats to his baby mother. In a tweet, he wrote:

While we understand why Fetty was angry, threatening to do bodily harm to his child’s mother is not a cool thing to do. It will most certainly lead to Zeona pressing charges against him and rightfully so.

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Source | The Boombox