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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are your thoughts on prime time tv including the ‪#‎LGBT‬ community in their storylines? Are they promoting it or glorifying it? @92qjamsbmore ‪#‎LHHH‬ ‪#‎Empire‬



MrTerrence Teel neither , they are showing the life style exists and the community is present in full force.

Corey Smith It’s a reality glad it’s on prime time TV wouldn’t want this on daytime TV for the sake of the children I just don’t won’t show producers to think that a LGBT couple is a necessity for a show

Charles Smith I think it’s both…but I don’t have a problem with it. I believe that it should be included because it educates folks as well. Education will certainly help dismiss fear and homophobia.

Kevin Boardley Don’t care about that show never heard of it

Cristal Lee I’m OK with it but I don’t think the ULTRA CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE who like judging people like it…..

Jessica N. Newton People are homosexual… It’s a part of life that other people need to get over. I wouldn’t say promoting or glorifying… Just showing a part of some people’s everyday life. Lee Daniels does the most tho… Lol

Keisha Henson I think if your old enough to watch your old enough to turn the channel if u don’t like it. I don’t care for the scenes because some parents allow their kids to watch it, however, I like the show its bigger then that for me. I love all people equally.

Helen Washington Neither. Just a glimpse of what our world currently looks like. Good morning honey bun

Jimica Darby I don’t think that they are promoting it nor glorifying it. It’s apart of everyday life so why not. I noticed that they have calmed down some of the sexual content. But for the most like I said it’s a part of every day life.

Harry Hughes We can be in denial all we want, but the LGBT community is strong. They are starting to control the media, TV shows and the government. Do I personally agree with it? No!! But I’m aware of whats going on around me.

Kia Sample They are giving you a chance to see into the lifestyles of that community that we judge when we know nothing about it. People don’t like what they can’t understand. Most of who don’t like it never tried it lol OK that was too much

Deidre LaDawn Gross

Darrell Bowser It’s needed and long over due.

Huey Tee Seale Gross two-man kissing I don’t care about being on the show just please don’t kiss

Arden Hunt Why endangered species? People are still having babies.

Michael Dixon They’re making humans an endangered species

just_b_n_me_126 Some promote but some don’t. Now days to promote would attract more viewers

1sickcharger@drejohnson1 i think they just showing ppl that the lgbt community are still humans regardless of their sexual preference and ppl need to accept that gm bro #early

heavencyntmeI think its just including today’s reality, not to mention ratings. People can say what they want whether for or against, curiosity will keep folks tuning in…😀

o_so_lalalicious It’s about time. We need to see positive images of all people regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. #EqualityMeansEveryone

daonly_ttech It’s both. It’s this agenda that they’re pushing. No one wants to hear the truth & many will deny it but it is what is, we live in a world where we fall for anything & stand for nothing smh

tonebone443 They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. That being said, if you see it or hear it then it’s being promoted. I don’t feel any particular way because watching 2 dudes won’t make a straight dude want to get together. But, masculinity is under attack

mufasa_del_rey Overusing it imo. Some of the shows its warranted, other shows, like Rosewood, i feel like it was just thrown in there. Then again in rosewood, i almost feel like half of the stuff there was thrown in there. Empire makes good use of it tho.

blee_dat_geezy I think its propaganda to further tear down the black man. They’re portraying us softer and softer. This isn’t against #lgbtc it’s simply speaks on the media controlling us and the way we think

opheus_gentlebreed Weather you agree or disagree with it. Its reality.

foxytbaby_ I don’t have anything to against a persons sexual preference however I think that it is being force feed into the minds of impressionable young adults. It’s on every black show right now. It’s the New straight. Soon heterosexuality will be weird.

theotherjordynzt We, the LGBTQ, are CONSTANTLY inundated with images of heterosexual PDA and sexual activity… Get use to it. Accept it. We accept heterosexual portrayals. Doesn’t matter if the are “glorifying ” or “promoting” it… They are catering to an existing market that uninformed business owners ignore.

treysangel906 What they are doing is no longer hiding it. And it’s okay people are going to be who they are gay starlight or whatever. Society makes people feel like they can’t be themselves. I’m a straight woman who loves people I don’t care what color they are if they are gay straight blind cripple crazy if you are nice to me then I will be nice to you. Period. @92qjamsbmore

1sunshine42 I feel as if they are just showing the world that it’s ok to be yourself and at the same time hoping that they will be accepted in the process…I am loving it…Come On Out❤

mzmoody322 It’s a part of society whether we like it or not & no1 is forced to watch these shows. It doesn’t change how I feel about homosexuality IMO it’s still nasty and unnatural but shows wouldn’t be very realistic if they didn’t touch on all walks of life

DjBunk Dodson My thoughts are, times have changed, because every show we watch at the 9pm has a gay scene it on one of these tv dramas each week, it’s just left like the 60’s when Captain Kirk kissed a black women, also I don’t think kids should be watching it


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