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Romance seems to be a concept of old world courting, but it doesn’t have to be. Women of today may not express exactly what they want when it comes to dating, but even in committed relationships a touch of romance is still desired. Every woman desires to feel adored and to know that her significant other can sweep her off her feet. So if you are the guy looking to get that old thing back or seeking to spark a new flame, here are five easy ways to infuse romance back into your relationship.

1. Craft an old fashioned love letter.

If it was good enough for Juliet from Romeo then it will definitely strike a good cord with your lover. There is nothing more nostalgic than putting ink to paper to pen an old fashioned love letter. You may tell your beauty how much you love her daily, but sending an old fashioned letter in the mail of dropping it in her lunch bag is yet another way to convey your feelings in a romantic way. Say it in a poem, tell a story of the first time you met or lay out plans for a romantic evening you have in mind. You don’t have to be an astounding poet or have the best penmanship in the world. Remember, it’s the effort and the thought that counts. Use special stationary to really make this a special delivery.

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