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Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders

Source: Brian Bahr / Getty

Forbes just released their annual list of the most valuable sports teams in the world, and the Dallas Cowboys came out on the very top! Exactly how much? How about $4 billion! That’s billion with a ‘B!’

This is the 9th year in a row the Cowboys top the list of NFL teams but is the first among all sports teams in the world for the first time since 2007!

The list goes 1.Cowboys ($4 billion), 2. Real Madrid ($3.26 billion), 3. Patriots ($3.2 billion), 4. New York Yankees ($3.2 billion) and 5. Barcelona ($3.16 billion). Congrats to the Cowboys, and all the die-hard fans in the DFW and around the world! How ’bout them Cowboys!! #CowboysNation

Source: NBC 5