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If only we could have been a fly on the wall when Kim Kardashian and her good friend Serena Williams sat down for tea. What did they say? Who were they talking about? Our minds are racing just thinking about all the secrets they could be sharing while catching a bite to eat.

Since we weren’t there, we can only speculate what they talked about. We’ll never know what tea was spilled, but here’s our take on the convo:

Serena: Hey Girl, long time no speak.

Kim: I know. [Snaps selfie] How is everything? How’s Drake?

Serena: We’re good. I told him I was meeting you here and he said he wanted to come. He loves Kanye.

Kim: Oh wow, you should have let him come.

Serena: I did. He’s over there [waves]. He loves Kanye. He wears Kanye pajamas.

Kim: Kanye wears Beyonce pajamas.


Serena: How’s Kylie? It was just yesterday she was a little girl.

Kim: Yeah, she’s like so grown now. She turned 18 last week.

Serena: I hear she’s dating Tyga.

Kim: Who? [Takes selfie]

Serena: The Black guy she Snap Chat’s with in bed…

Kim: Aren’t they adorbs?

Serena: Does Kris mind she’s dating an older man?

Kim: Who?

Serena: Your mother. Kris.

Kim: Ha. Kanye loves when I pucker like this.

Serena: Sure. Oh, did you catch Chris Brown’s beef with Game over Karrueche.

Kim: OMG. How freakin’ juicy. Kanye talked to Chris last night and told him never give up on the beauty of his life. Kinda how he did with me. You know, I was married to that basketball player, but he never gave up on making me his wife and now look. He told him, “I have to dress Kim everyday so she doesn’t embarrass me.”

Serena: OK?

Kim: He’s really running for president.

Convo ends.


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