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Where did summer go? How are we already in mid-August? Before long, we’ll be back in coats and boots and shivering in winter, regretting not doing all the things we wanted to do in the summer.

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Being a Chicagoan, I take summertime very seriously. (Because for the remainder of the year, we’re freezing our behinds off). So if you’ve not done any of the following things, it’s time to get it done before it starts getting cold out:

1. Throw or go to a pool party

Even I have to do this one because for some reason, I don’t know people with pools anymore? (Seriously, if you have a pool and you live in Chicago, let’s be friends.) But when else is a pool party fun other than summer?

2. Attend an outdoor festival

It’s truly sad how those of us who live in big cities don’t take more advantage of the variety of festivals we have available to us almost every weekend during the summer. Try out new ones that you’ve never been to and especially if it is cultural, and something you’re not familiar with. It’ll be a learning experience!

3. See at least one local band live

It is a shame how many of us do not support local music enough. Find a band or musician in your local area, grab a bunch of your friends, and support local art and artists! Think of the bragging rights you’ll now have at parties.

4. Go on a road trip with friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

Summertime is perfect weather for actually wanting to go on a road adventure with friends, and especially ones you haven’t seen in a long time. Pick a place and a weekend and get going. Carpe Diem right?

5. Get that workout schedule going

Okay so maybe your plans to get in shape for summer didn’t work out. Guess what? Summer isn’t the only time you should get in shape. Besides if you can build great workout habits before it starts getting cold, you’ll be more likely to keep ’em when winter comes.

Happy rest of summer!


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