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A sexless marriage or relationship can lead to complications inside the bedroom and out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes a relationship can experience slumps in sexual relations when one partner loses interest or desire, and more often than not women are usually the ones that place a hold on relations for various reasons. In my advice giving I come across many men who seek out my expertise in helping their ladies become interested in sex, and the techniques that I recommend are usually the same. If you are a man looking to help strike up desire in your relationship, here are a few of my simple techniques to get you started.

Make her feel safe.

She may sleep next to you on a nightly basis but she may not feel safe in expressing herself sexually when it’s time to bring out her freaky side. Upbringing, religious beliefs, past trauma and a lack of confidence can cause a woman to become closed off in the bedroom. If a woman doesn’t feel safe, her sexual energy will remain at a resting state and her body won’t open up. Create an atmosphere of safety and give her permission to open up and let go. Sometimes a simple word of permission can change the mood from hostile to relaxed. Let her know that it’s okay to unleash her freaky side with you. Make her feel safe and she will open up like a flower. If past trauma is getting in the way, suggest seeing a counselor together to help with healing and moving past old wounds.

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