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Bobby Shmurda’s trial gets a start date.

Bobby Shmurda has been appropriately quiet on the new music front since his lock-up. Being a relatively new rapper at the time he was pinched, it’s understandable that he doesn’t have hoards of unreleased music in the stash a la Gucci Mane. News on Shmurda’s case has slowed down, although the other week his lawyer spoke out, claiming that they were trying to make an “example” out of the New York native.

Shmurda and his rapping affiliate Rowdy Rebel appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court today (their first time since April), where a judge set their trial date for October 5th 2015. Shmurda and Rebel will be tried alongside four other defendants, on charges dating back to their December arrest.

While in court today the prosecution recommended seven years behind bars for Rowdy Rebel, aka Chad Marshall, and eight years for Shmurda. Kenneth Montgomery, Shmurda’s lawyer responded to the recommendation, “I’m surprised by the recommendation,” he said, “Especially as they’ve been dragging these kids up here like they’re Public Enemy No. 1.”

Rowdy’s lawyer, Javier Solano, told XXL that he thought the recommendation was “reasonable.” “Usually they’re heavy-handed,” he said.

The trial is still several months away, and could last “up to two months,” while Judge James Burke estimates that it won’t be wrapped up until Thanksgiving, and could even extend into January of next year.

In the meantime, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel aren’t able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We’ll keep you posted as we near the trial date.