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Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, but along with the food cravings and mood swings comes a sex drive that can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks. As a new life develops and attraction between a couple grows stronger the desire to get it on more frequently can arise, but for many who have never experienced pregnancy sex there are some concerns that may deter a couple from entering into sexual activity.

Well I am here to tell you to relax!  Pregnancy sex is safe for the woman who is experiencing a normal and healthy pregnancy, but there are a few things an expecting couple should keep in mind when engaging in erotic play. If you are an expecting couple or are planning to start a family soon, here are a few tips for how to have great sex while with child.

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Hormones will be haywire

With each trimester comes a new set of feelings and emotions brought on by hormones that are helping the baby grow. The first trimester is typically filled with morning sickness and nausea that can keep the idea of sex far from a woman’s mind, but the second trimester brings with it an increase of blood flow to the pelvis and an increase in hormones that can send a woman’s sex drive through the roof. Ladies, whatever your body is telling you feel free to follow suit. If you’re hot and bothered and in need of some sexual healing, then give your body what it desires. If you are less than enthused about sex or just don’t have the energy, then lay back and relax. You’re carrying a new life after all! Be patient with your hormones and encourage your eager lover to be patient along with you.

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