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DJ Khaled has made a lucrative career producing club bangers that keep us dancing like, “All I Do Is Win,” “I Wish You Would” and “Hold You Down.” His latest addition to the “We The Best” catalog: “How Many Times” — a misogynist’s dream anthem that questions “How many times do I have to tell your ass to come over?”

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the song and haven’t stopped listening to it on Spotify (take that TIDAL). I’m a sucker for a good beat and well…Chris Brown. While the song fulfills my THOT cravings, the video makes me cringe and want to throw the nearest object at my screen.

Like “Hold You Down,” Khaled’s “How Many Times” features a DJ Khaled skit. Because, ya know… it’s necessary. We kinda laughed at the first one (it was so bad it was comical), but clearly this is becoming a trend prompting the question, who the hell are these women who let DJ Khaled talk to them this way?

The “How Many Times” video begins with Khaled rolling up to the scene in a shiny Black Rolls Royce. He steps out the luxurious vehicle and addresses the scantily clad women, who are awkwardly misplaced, standing around in what appears to be a desolate construction site (because the beach was booked?).

“Hey,” he says. “How many times do I have to tell you to come over here?” The curly-haired, racially ambiguous woman walks over to the car. “Who’s your inspiration?” he asks. “DJ Khaled of course,” she answers in a played-up video vixen voice. He replies, “That’s the smartest thing you ever said in your life.” Then, he instructs her to give him a kiss, which she does.

“Another one,” he demands four more times. The women in the back watch on in awe, like “Video Girl A” is their idol. What the fuck is going on? As if it couldn’t get any worse, he tells “Video Girl A,” “Don’t ever play yourself.” More than she has already?


Finally, the skit ends with him rhetorically asking, “Who do you love? Who do your friends love?” You already know the answer.

DJ Khaled doesn’t respect women. I know, I know…shocking!

A part of me thinks he’s living out a fantasy, because let’s face it — he’s like a three on the cutie scale and probably wouldn’t have the slightest chance with ANY of these “exotic” women, hip-hop videos typically glorify, if he weren’t as rich as he is.

More importantly, why would any woman allow herself to be degraded so? It’s disgusting. There has to be more to life than wanting to be DJ Khaled’s leading lady in a 5-minute music video.

So the answer is 6.

6 DJ Khaled kisses is what it takes to literally chuck your self-respect across the room.

Do better.


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