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WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas

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Wrestlemania: The Super Bowl of sports entertainment. There’s nothing quite like it, and in some respects it truly is the greatest Pay Per View spectacle known to man. This year will be the 31st Wrestlemania, and although the core fans have doomed this Wrestlemania, I am personally optimistic it will be one of the more entertaining Wrestlemania’s match-wise.

What do I want?

I want to see Axelmania vs. Hulkamania whether it’s the pre-show or kicking off The show.

I want to know why the tag team title has a brand new life yet the match itself is supposed to be apart of the WM31 Pre Show.

I want Cody Rhodes [Not StarDust] CODY RHODES to win the IC Title and create one of the best Mania Moments.

I want Seth and Randy to totally steal the show like they are more than capable of doing.

What do I expect?

I expect Sting to be victorious in what I feel will be one of his ten dream matches before he calls it quits for good.

I expect The Undertaker to not only win but solidify Bray Wyatt in the “great match worker” category much like the Dean Ambrose matches did.

I expect Daniel Bryan to win the IC title because he can’t sit dormant with no push but an extreme high demand.

I expect John Cena to be the locked in as the official New American Hero with the U.S. Title at Wrestlemania

In a crazy plot twist, I expect Roman Reigns to somehow help Seth Rollins win the WWE Championship. I don’t know if it’s him officially joining the authority or if it’s the, “I lost, but I know I can beat you. So here’s Brock on a platter” element. But somehow, someway I expect Rollins to have the best match of the night, then leave with the WWE Title. Brock may have re-signed, but it’s going to take a literal village to get the title away from him. That village is the authority with help from someone who has been built up to withstand and defeat any other challenger and match up fairly against Lesnar.

Wrestlemania is not going to be a snooze or a debacle. Vince will never give us another Wrestlemania 7 or a Wrestlemania 8 that really needed two headlining main events. The WWE Year starts at WM31, and I honestly expect to be impressed.

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