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Recently, Beyonce was in Ohio for the On The Run Tour with her husband Jay-Z and as she performed the song “Resentment” and she changed the lyrics! In the original song she states, “Been rocking with you for 6 years” but in this recent performance she changes the lyrics to say “been rocking with you for 12 years.” If you are unfamiliar with the song “Resentment” it talks about a relationship that has gone awry due to cheating or adultry. To add to the rumors Beyonce also wears a wedding dress while performing this song in front of thousands.

Do you think Beyonce was sending a message to Jay-Z when she performed this song or just putting on a performance? Do you think their marriage is in turmoil? Check out the video of her performance below. At the 3:28 markis when she changes the lyrics.

On a side note… She sounds good though!

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