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How should a successful recording artist who has ticked off his wife almost to the point of divorce apologize? Write a song about her and sing it to her in front of the whole world of course!

That’s exactly what Robin Thicke plans to do this Sunday night during the Billboard Music Awards. He wrote a song called ‘Get Her Back,’ and if the title doesn’t persuade you that it was written for his estranged wifey Paula Patton, maybe some of the song’s lyrics will.

I should’ve kissed you longer/ I should’ve held you stronger…All I wanna do is make it right…I gotta get her, go get her back/ I gotta treat her right/ I gotta cherish her for life.

Will this finally be enough to bring her back to the discussion table and get the relationship back on track to holy matrimony? We’ll have to wait and see! I just hope the awards show organizers employed a staff of ‘saucer boys’ as I like to call them, you know the guys you see at basketball games mopping the player’s sweat off the floor during time-outs to keep the court from becoming slippery? I anticipate lots of salty liquid will be falling from Thicke’s eyes during his emotional performance, and I’d hate for the people that come after him to have a nasty slip.