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If you ever had the chance to go back to high school with the knowledge you had now, you would take it in a heartbeat right?

Yeah…no you wouldn’t. That mess would be creepy as hell. Knowing you’re mentally an adult while all these children run around you, cursing, swearing, flirting with you. It’d be a nightmare.

Charity Anne Johnson, however, couldn’t wait. She concocted a story, convinced Paul Ward and Tamica Lincoln that she was a home-schooled runaway that had been abused by her parents, and got her ass enrolled.

She had it good for a minute. Free room and board with Paul and Johnson. And everyone believed her extraordinary origins while she picked up friends at the school.

But at home with Paul and Johnson, Charity’s story kept getting more and more suspicious. Eventually, Charity’s tales got so tall that they called the police. That’s when they discovered her ID was fake and took her into custody.

Why did Charity Ann Johnson want to go back to high school? Where is she from? Was she really abused? Is she mentally ill? All of these questions and more will be answered as this bizarre situation continues to reveal itself.


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