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On, April 30, 2014 my mother Wendy Owens was involved in a car accident on LaBrea in Los Angeles. My mother was making a left turn when someone came speeding by and hit her car which caused her vehicle to flip over on it’s side. My mom was scared to move, because she thought the car might flip again.

A couple of gentlemen pulled up behind her and ran to help her out. She recognized one of them as rapper T.I, and when she asked if it was him, he said ‘Yeah, it’s me!’ with a big smile. After he helped her out of the car and the cops came, he said his job was done and hopped back in the car with his driver.

I just wanted to tell him ‘Thank you!’

It’s just amazing to me that just the bad is broadcast and not the good.

She also added:

My mom wanted to tell him, ‘People in his world don’t come to our communities, let alone stop. I am forever grateful that a powerful, important family man took the time to stop and risked injuring himself and being late to whatever he had to do to save someone like me. T.I.’s entire family, wife, children, especially the young men he is raising, are blessed to have a humble good man like T.I. in their life.’

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