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TMZ cameras stopped Kim Kardashian recently and asked her about what Kanye West had to say regarding TMZ and other media outlets “making Kanye look like a maniac” because they don’t approve of their inter-racial relationship.

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Check out what Kim had to say below.



She has got to be kidding us all…right? No wonder Kim and Kanye are together..they are a match made in delusional bliss. Or maybe she is afraid to say how preposterous that notion is out of fear of  how her crazy eyed fiance’ will respond.

It’s simply a laughable premise since we’ve never really known her for dating anyone except for black guys ie…Ray J, or Reggie Bush, or Miles Austin or Chris Humphries and didn’t she say she used to date one of the Jackson kids once upon a time?

Yeah, that tall tale is not valid ma’am…and we all know that Kim knows it. As a matter of fact…if it wasn’t for her dating black men…we wouldn’t even know who she was. Thanks to Brandy’s brother we know ALL of the Kardashian family…thanks Ray J.

And as far as what Kanye and Kim are claiming is a media bias against them for the inter-racialness of their relationship…man look…it would be different if he was the first black guy Kim ever dated. Actually, it would be different if Kanye was the first famous black guy that Kim dated. But he’s not…he’s one of MANY…so this theory has no validity.

Next time maybe Kanye could try a fresh new approach…like apologizing for behaving like an ego-maniac monster and taking responsibility for the things he does and says instead of trying to blame everyone else for his own actions. We’re sure it will be a frosty day in hell before that ever happens but…hey there’s  always hope!

But we guess he did warn us a while back though didn’t he?










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