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Ever heard of cryptocurrency? Does Bitcoin ring any bells? Bitcoin and several other versions of cryptocurrency are used for online exchanges which can be traded peer to peer. And now Coinye, inspired by Kanye West, will be the newest cryptocurrency  available online.

But why Kanye and not other popular artists like Jay Z or Drake? Members of the group behind Coinye explained why they chose this rap God:

We chose to represent Kanye because he is and always has been a trendsetter, and he’s always keeping things unique. I can picture a future where Coinye is used to buy concert tickets, with cryptographically verified virtual tickets, and other ideas I can’t give away just yet.

Now we must state that Kanye is not affiliated with Coinye and we’re not even sure if he knows about this currency created in his honor. But that hasn’t stopped the creators from dreaming of getting his endorsement:

We’d love if Kanye named dropped Coinye. We don’t want to pay him off to name check us, but it’d be sick if he does so. In-fact, we’re making an open invitation to Kanye: Get hold of us at and we’ll send you 100,000 COINYE on launch. A hundred thousand. Bitcoin started small too, and now look where it’s at.

I don’t really know how much that actually translates to in dollars but it sounds like a lot, enough to feed Ye’s massive ego!