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Next up we have a rising star on the scene,  “AK Prime”

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings from AK Prime and the Polar Hitz Famiy!!!!

AkPrime began his musical journey in elementary school, rapping on the playground amongst peers. Along side music, AkPrime had a similar passion for sports. As an all around athlete, Prime has juggled football fields, basketball courts, track fields, and baseball diamonds his whole life. Prime grew up in a poor family where financial hardships created many restrictions, leaving music sometimes as an only pastime and escape from the reality of utility shut-off notices and empty


AkPrime’s relationship with music meant more than making songs for head-bobbing purposes. His music was his melodic vehicle maneuvering him through and past life’s bullshit. Prime’s attitude towards music was similar to his competitiveness as an athlete…He was determined to be the best!!

With a high volume of dreamers striving to become the ‘next hottest rapper’, Prime worked to distance himself from the mass and do more than just ‘spit lyrics’. AkPrime took a strong interest in producing his own original beats.

Childhood friend/musical mentor, Chuck Sweet, introduced AkPrime to Hip Hop EJ beat maker. It was at that point AkPrime abandoned his dual tape player, single TomTom drum and mini keyboard and began producing for himself.

AkPrime’s college years at Arkansas State University were a turning point in his musical development; not in terms of text book studies and lecture seminars, but in life. Entering college as a prize athlete, a series of injuries crippled AkPrime’s dreams of playing professional ball. As a result, Prime indulged himself into his music; at times, only to maintain a grip on his sanity. It was also during those years that Prime became completely musically self sufficient. He made his own beats; wrote, rapped, sang, mixed and mastered his own music, making Prime a quintuple threat as his own artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, and graphics designer all in one.

Furthermore, Prime strives diligently daily to perfect his craft. Born under a poor man’s circumstances, with a rich man’s vision (and a hungry man’s work ethic), AkPrime’s success recipe is ready to launch

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