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Singer Chris Brown should change his name to Can’t Get Right because even when he’s trying to do what he’s supposed to, there’s some sort of shenanigans.



Brown recently entered into a new rehab facility. When he arrived, he willingly handed his phone and computer over to the facility’s staff. However, he tried to hold on to the one thing that most certainly isn’t allowed in rehab–his weed. After Breezy was ordered by the court to return to a rehab center, he called to ask if he could bring his weed because it is prescribed by a doctor to combat his depression. The staff flat out refused and made a huge fuss about it. However, none of that worked because Chris Brown is currently in rehab without his “medicine.”

Brown was ordered to enroll into a new rehab program after he was unceremoniously kicked out of the first one he entered. Chris Brown was thrown out of the first rehab center after he flew into a violent rage and threw a rock at his mother’s car window. Brown must now remain in this new rehab center for no less than 90 days. Hopefully, rehab works because this guy needs some help.



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