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J.Lo has long been known for her outrageous curves (that green Versace dress will live in infamy). Now her likeness is being celebrated with the release of two new collectible Barbie dolls.

The Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll and the Jennifer Lopez World Tour Doll were modeled after outfits she wore to the 2012 Oscars and on her “Dance Again” world tour. While the dolls are nearly identical to the singer (right down to the red carpet updo), something is noticeably missing – Lopez’s signature curves.

Many consumers took to Twitter to remark on the distinct lack of curves on the J.Lo Barbie, specifically on the doll’s tiny rearview.

The doll is issued by Mattel (the creator of the original Barbie in 1959), who says the doll was created with a new design template meant to emulate Lopez’s curves and not fit the oft-criticized proportions of the original Barbie.

The controversy surrounding J.Lo’s “too thin” Barbie likeness comes at a time when Mattel is depending on Latina moms this holiday season. The company hopes to woo a group of burgeoning consumers in an industry that has long been on the decline. Mattel launched a  Spanish-language campaign using the slogan “Toy Feliz“.

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