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Rapper Eminem released a video on YouTube to encourage the kiddies and Hip Hop heads alike to actually go out and purchase his music ( specifically The Marshall Mathers LP 2) instead of stealing it off the internets! It’s pretty funny…check it out below!

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It’s not just hard out here for pimps! It’s hard out here for artists of all calibers as well! But he’s right, you can’t feed a family on sales you don’t have. If you like an artist and you enjoy what they do, then you should be willing to pay for their projects.

Put it this way…if you are a fan of the Big Mac you don’t go to McDonald’s and expect to get one for free every time you got a craving. Well not without there being some type of deal or contest like Monopoly when it comes back…but we digress.

Artists don’t make what most people think they do to begin with and in the changing music industry climate they are the last ones to ever see a dime that is made off of the music they put their hearts and souls in to. So again, if you dig what your favorite rappers/singers/musicians are doing support them! We’re just sayin…



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