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the fan said this on Instagram under the picture:

“It must be nice to not take any pictures with your fans tonight. You come to nyc, but don’t want to take pictures with your fans? Thank You for letting a few happy people down tonight who were delighted to see you on their birthdays and have nothing but bad things to say about you saying no to pictures. Good luck with that”

She also responded to a fellow fan who told the young woman she was being too sensitive over the declined photograph:

“If youre a celeb that’s what you do, its your job to take pictures and sign auto graphs. But thank you for your input, maybe you should work for celeb defense services. Fyi: no one even recognized her but several people complained about her neglecting to take pictures with the only two people that cared.”

Unfortunately for this woman, K. Michelle read what she was saying and had a few words for her, including saying she resembled a monkey (*face palm*):

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