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Forget plain old Mary Jane names – Belly Ballot, a website that tracks baby name choices in real-time, recently found that more parents are bequeathing Hispanic-sounding first names to their newborns.

Many Caucasian couples have given their children Latino names due to the growth of the Hispanic population in the United States.

“We have seen strong indications of white parents selecting Latino baby names in greater numbers, and the trend continues to grow. Fall 2013 through 2014 will certainly be a pivotal year,” said Lucie Strachonova, an editor at Belly Ballot.

Among the reasons parents supplied for giving their non-Latino children ethnic names: wanting their children to fit in with their peers (citing the growing Hispanic communities) and the possibility of being awarded scholarships in the future on the basis of having an ethnic name.

Hmmm. While it’s great that parents are embracing expanded cultural boundaries, one has to wonder if Hispanic-sounding names will one day not hold such a strong connotation to the culture. What do you think?

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