Drake has released his single “Hold On, We’re Going Home” on the same day his album “Nothing Was The Same” dropped, and in it, he does quite a bit of storytelling. The video takes place in 1985,  with him and the crew turning up at a Miami restaurant. He then gets a call that changes it all, his girl’s been taken hostage! Oh no! So Drake immediately springs into action to get her back!

There is a lot of acting in this movie, and Drake admits to the real reason behind it. “It’s a video full of acting because I’m dying to get back into acting,” Drake told MTV News. “There’s actually no performance in the video — it’s all acting.”

The moves in the video, which also features A$AP Rocky, are based on Michael Jackson videos like ‘Moonwalker,’ Drake revealed. “So it’s sort of exciting, violent a little and scary a little, but it’s great.”

So what types of roles does Drake hopes he gets cast? He doesn’t really care. “TV shows and movies,” he says. That answer sure increases his chances! What role(s) would you like to see Drake play?

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