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Most of us have done things we regret when dared, especially when the dare escalates to the dreaded “Triple Dog Dare” that can mean the difference between being a man (or woman) or a chicken. Seems that DMX was faced with this decision because earlier today TMZ released footage of him running through a Detroit hotel naked.

X later released a statement explaining the whole thing was the product of a dare between him and DJ NonStop. X had a concert with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st, and he and the crew were killing time until the show. That’s when the daring competition began. He didn’t know there was a camera that caught every move of him gettin’ it on the floor! Check out the hilarious video below.

No one was hurt in the making of this event, except for the pictures that got knocked off the walls! LOL! X says it was all just a simple, playful dare between friends.

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