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Asher Roth takes shots at Jay-Z in his song “I didn’t know,” when he was asked about it, he blew it off as a little frustration. During a interview with Dubcnn Roth was asked:

Dubcnn: In some of your songs, you take lyrical jabs at Jay-Z — like the extremely witty line, “When has a Jigga decision ever gone gold?” Do you worry about a public backlash?

Asher: No, Jay-Z has accomplished things in this industry that I can only dream of right now. It’s just frustration I was feeling at the time that I put a voice to it. I speak from the heart. Besides, passive artists rarely make any noise.

Check it out for yourself by clicking the link below:

Asher Roth- I didn’t know (Jay- Z diss):

Dubcnn interview Asher Roth:

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