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Remember when 2 Chainz denied being held up at gunpoint in San Francisco a while back and robbed of some authentic Chainz merchandise? He even challenged those who opposed by tweeting out a message that rappers who get robbed will usually have stolen items pop up on the internet. Well it seems someone has taken him up on that challenge.

A photo has popped up on Instagram of  2 Chainz driver’s license with his full name and info and one of his bank cards. The poster, who goes by the username “Lilg04,″ had a message for 2 Chainz to go with the photo, calling him out for not admitting the jacking went down in the first place.

So is this the robber or just someone who managed to get a hold of these stolen items? And did 2 Chainz tweet that particualar post on purpose in hopes of making the perp coming forward? Well if anything, it’ll make it easier for detectives to follow the trail!

Check out pics of 2 Chainz Stolen Driver’s License and Bank Card here.

2 Chainz In Studio w/ Rickey Smiley
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