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Uh Oh! We told you we knew there was going to be more to this story and here it is! According to TMZ, Chris Brown‘s female accuser is a super duper liar! Or at least that is what the owner of the nightclub where Chris Brown allegedly assaulted the woman is saying. Actually the owner told TMZ that CB never even touched the alleged victim.

The owner of Heat Ultra Lounge told TMZ,

“Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false.”

The owner claims that 24-year-old Deanna Gines was repeatedly trying to get up on the stage during Chris’ performance at the club — and later tried to rush Chris in his roped-off VIP area.

He also reports that Gines got put out of the club because of how she was behaving! He even alleges that Gines took off her heels and threw them at security while she was getting the heave ho!

The owner says they called the police on Gines, but she was eventually let go and she reportedly left with her friends.

And as for her alleged injuries the owner said,

“Heat staff and security did what they had to do … [Chris] was a complete gentleman.”

Deanna Gines made a call into the TMZ studios earlier today! Check out what she had to say below!

Welp if the owner’s story is true then score one for Team Breezy! If it’s not true, this girl was just given one heck of an obstacle to get around to prove her case!  We hear she’s lawyered up, so once again we say stay tuned!


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