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According to www.examiner.com:

 Can you be fired for the word “negro?” Apparently so, as The Daily Caller is reporting a very unique story that involves a teacher from the West Indies getting the pink slip over the racially charged word.

But with the story, things aren’t quite what they seem. At least, based on the teacher’s belief of what really happened.

In March 2012, 65-year-old Petrona Smith believes she was wrongfully fired from her junior high-Spanish school teaching gig because of her decision to use the word negro.

And, in Spanish, the word “negro” of course means black.

According to Smith, she was teaching her students how to say various words in Spanish. When they came to the word “black,” Smith said “negro.”

Apparently, that ignited a fire inside the belly of one of her students. Clearly offended, the student told school officials about the incident, and Smith was later fired.

It’s not clear, at least right now, if Smith had a history of bad behavior as a teacher and this was the final straw, or if the school simply wanted to nip and potential controversy in the bud by firing Smith altogether.

Now, however, Petrona Smith—who is from the West Indies and is black herself—has not only hired an attorney, but has filed a lawsuit over her firing.

For more on this story please visit www.examiner.com

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