Do We Care? Chris Brown & Rihanna Back Together Again

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, at least in this photo! The two were spotted together while driving around in California and RiRi posted the pic on her Instagram to let us know it’s real! And get this, Chris is actually smiling and having fun! (something we don’t see when they’re together).

Rumors started swirling last month that the couple had split, when Chris was asked point blank if he’s still dating Rihanna?

Chris admitted: “Uh, no — that’s the short answer.”

And then there was the pic of Chris at the club with a blonde chick that added fuel to the fire.

Then inside sources told that the couple was just fine:

“They’re together. They’ll be alright. They’re cool,” the source said.

So I just have to ask, are Chris Brown and Rihanna back together? Did they ever break up? Do you care???


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