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The “King of the South” T.I. has officially joined the popular social network Twitter and promised to make a big announcement later this month.

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Joining Monday (March 1) night, Tip’s verified account only made one posting.

“major announcement coming Monday 3/8 @ 5pm EST on #kingsback,” T.I. wrote around 9 PM EST. (T.I.’s Twitter)

Last spring, T.I. explained why he did not have an interest in joining Twitter.

“I’m not a computer guy, don’t do it,” Tip explained in a video. “I’m old school. Eh man, it’s not my style, not my swag. I’m an old fashioned type of dude, I’ll write you a letter and hand ’em to some pigeons and let ’em fly to you. Put a letter in the box and let it float to your side of the country. I ain’t on the computer sh*t, that ain’t me…Not for me, not for me. No offense to those that do it, Twit on playa. People got ‘The King’ baby, just not on Twitter.” (ATL Hustlers)

Young Money leader Lil Wayne recently opened up his own Twitter account.

“I just opened that [Twitter] up. I got almost 200,000 followers. I need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need more followers than Drake. My nickname is Lil Tune — my grandmother named me that. She’s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me Lil Tune. We just threw the ‘Chi’ on there. Like Gucci, I say ‘Tunechi!'” (MTV)

Rap mogul Diddy spoke on keeping a positive attitude on his Twitter account last month.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s just a point in my life, being in the industry, I have nothing but good things to say to people,” Diddy explained. “I have nothing but positive energy to give, I don’t care if you like me, you don’t like me. I love you and I’mma keep doing my thing. Hopefully you’ll get it one day but I’ve been blessed to have a lot of fans and a lot of people love me and I just want my injection to be what I feel is great about people. I wanna inspire people — I don’t wanna bring them down. I don’t wanna talk about no BS. I don’t have no time for none of that. I wanna uplift us.” (Tim Westwood TV)