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Jay-Z has said that Madison Square Garden should be called “The House That Hovie Built,” but on Tuesday night (March 2), Young Jeezy was the one who startled the sold-out Blueprint 3 Tour crowd by pulling the trump card that tore the roof off. The Snowman called out Young Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake, as well as the label’s CEO, Lil Wayne.

Jeezy came out about 45 minutes into Jay-Z’s set to perform “Real as It Gets.” Hov then turned the reins over to Jeezy, who threw out a few of his street-approved rhymes, like his verse on Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know.” Jeezy told the crowd that his friend Lil Wayne was supposed to go to jail that day, but a courthouse fire delayed his sentencing on weapons charges once again. Jeezy said he wanted to bring someone out to dedicate a record to him. Nicki Minaj then came out and did her verse from “Bedrock.”

After the song, Jeezy told Nicki to stay, and the beat for “I’m Goin’ In” came on. Lil Wayne then emerged from the mini-stage where Jay’s Roc Boys band was playing and jumped on the main stage with Jeezy. The concert-goers — who were already on their feet — gave the New Orleans native a phenomenal response. Wayne’s face lit up as he rapped his verse.

Drake then came out, breaking the night’s all-black dress code by wearing all white instead. The crowd gave Drizzy loud approval during his verse. Young Jeezy closed the song out, and all three men yelled the chorus: “I’m goin’ in, I’m goin’ in, and I’mma go hard!”

“Jeezy, you a real n—a,” Wayne said, saluting the Snowman.

“We with you 100 percent,” Young told Wayne.

Jeezy told the fans to make some noise for Wayne and Young Money, which they were already doing. From there, the Atlanta rapper dug into his catalog with bangers such as “Crazy World,” “Go Crazy” and “Go Getta.” Jeezy closed out his set by bringing out another guest, Akon, for “Soul Survivor.”