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This could be the last year that Lebron James spends with the Cleveland Cavaliers and will possibly be THE most coveted free agent in basketball history. And there are rumors that even Mark Cuban is working on a deal to present to Lebron’s agent.

Yesterday, Lebron filed paperwork to switch his jersey number from 23 to 6. This is according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

As everyone knows, Lebron had worn the number 23 since his sophomore year of high school but in the past Olympics he wore the number 6.

Now apparently he is requesting the number change out of respect for Michael Jordan. There isn’t any information on whether Jordan asked Lebron to change it or if Lebron is just changing it to go along with a change in teams….it’s all speculation right now.

But being that Lebron has idolized Jordan and know that change is possibly coming, he may just be wanting to establish a number that some kid out there on the playground can idolize, while they set their sights on the NBA.

Now the NBA doesn’t have to approve it but in the past when a superstar changes numbers it has impacted and increased the sale of that superstar’s jersey and we know money talks!

Can you imagine what would happen in Dallas if Lebron became a Maverick??? hmmm, We can here the prayers starting…..

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