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Any upcoming and aspiring rapper knows how hard it is to break into the hip hop industry and understands the crucial role DJs play as gatekeepers of new music. Known as the King of the Club, DJ Kayotik embraces his role as the pastor of the streets, bringing the music of independent and unsigned artists to the masses. Through all media even hip hop magazines.

Born and raised in Queens, the Dallas transplant stays with his fingers pressed closely to the underground scene in both places. DJ Kayotik has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Kayotik Khronikles, a series that is DJ Kayotik’s answer to the widely-popular DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz brand.

Kayotik Khronikles is a mixtape dedicated to the independent artist movement and the mixtape has been getting great response. Doesn’t sound like the typical independent artist mixtape. Kinda out a flow to it out my touch to it, definitely a different vibe from the normal. Sometimes you get a couple mixtapes, especially independent artist mixtape, and it’s overkill. This one, you might not know the records you might not know the artists but when you hear the flow of the tape itself, it’s an easy listen.”

With over a decade in the industry, DJ Kayotik is at the forefront of rap music because he knows and respects the culture and heritage of it. Unlike hip hop sites like Worldstarr and MediaTakeOut that exploits or promotes the ugliness of the industry, DJ Kayotik is more concerned with the authenticity and growth of hip hop.

Hip hop, the culture as a whole, is a leader in the music game and if you dummy down the leader that gives opportunities for other genres to take over,” says DJ Kayotik.

What advice does the King of the Club give to unsigned artists?

Be humble. Stay hungry, aggressive. Most importantly, make a timeless record. Don’t get caught up in the hype of

trying to make a radio or iTunes hit, warns DJ Kayotik:

“There’s a lot of hits out today but as a DJ I can personally say I can’t extract and pull too many timeless records that I know that five years from now I can drop in my club set or drop on the radio or wherever I’m at and it’s still a hit. And it’s nothing against artists out today ‘cuz they’re making good music but timeless record is that great music, those classic records, whether it be hip-hop, R&B, pop, whatever it is. We’re missing a lot of timeless records.”

DJ Kayotik hopes to continue his brand, Kayotik Khronikles. Already in heavy rotation in Dallas, Kayotik Khronikles is making waves down south, in the bay area of California and in his original hometown of New York. As he continues to be the pastor of the streets, DJ Kayotik has his eyes set on a bigger prize; he would like to sign a deal as both an artist and as an A&R hoping to keep on the tradition of shepherding a new artist to the masses.

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