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As a die-hard fan, I’ll be honest and say that the replacement refs have been giving me the football blues with the mockery they are making of the NFL. Since this past Monday Night Football debacle with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and locked-out refs have announced they are close to an agreement to have the regular refs back on the field as early as Thursday night. Fingers crossed! But until then, don’t lie and say that you haven’t enjoyed every bit of comedy that has come out of the NFL this season thus far. Thanks to the replacement refs, you’ve been entertained beyond belief. Below are the 7 reasons why the replacement refs will always have a special place in my heart!


First you put in this

Then you get this

Go on, try it –


2. When has President Obama ever Tweeted about Football?


3. This video


4. This song


5. And this skit


6. The Memes!


7. And lets not forget, despite the possibility of thousands of dollars in NFL fines, Players let their frustrations go on Twitter

What’s your favorite replacement ref memories?

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