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The London Olympic Games are on full-swing. The one category we all love is Women’s Gymnastics. Check out some of these talented ladies in action:

1. Bruna Kuroiwa Yamamoto Leal of Brazil:

2. Vasiliki Millousi of Greece:

3. Kyla Ross of the United States:

4. Vasiliki Millousi of Greece:

5. Larisa Andreea Iordache of Romania:

6. Rie Tanaka of Japan:

7. Salma Mahmoud of Egypt:

8. Yuko Shintake of Japan:

9. Jennifer Pinches of Great Britain:

10. Gabrielle Douglas of the United States:

11. Heem Wei Lim of Singapore:

12. Kseniia Afanaseva of Russia:

13. Jessica Lopez of Venezuela:

14. Kyla Ross of the United States:

15. Victoria Komova of Russia:

16. Georgia Bonora of Australia:

17. Hannah Whelan of Great Britain:

18. Mira Boumejmajen of France:

19. Lorena Quinones Moreno of Puerto Rico:

20. Lauren Mitchell of Australia:

21. Yamilet Pena Abreu of Dominican Republic:

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