This evening, Ashton Kutcher returned with the new season of Punk’d and puts Aubrey in a position he wished he was never in. You’re from Canada!

Ashton Kutcher returned to his post on Punk’d Sunday night for an extra special episode that aired before the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Kutcher wanted to kick the star wattage up a notch, and he did just that by pulling pranks on Drake and Kim Kardashian. For the record, Drake got it way worse. Check out what when down, plus some fan reactions after the jump.

During the spicy episode, he pulled two certain-to-be memorable fast ones on reality-TV starlet Kim Kardashian and Young Money rapper Drake.

In the episode, after he unlocked his signature trucker cap, Kutcher made a confession. “I haven’t had much going on in my life,” he said. “It’s been relatively mundane. I’m going to be hosting ‘Punk’d’ this week because what’s happened thus far has been a f—ing travesty. I think it’s time to step it up a notch.”

Although the show has had A-listers like Justin Bieber on hand to punk their celebrity pals, this episode was all about going big or going home. In a meeting with his punking team, Kutcher said, “I’m thinking Gaga. I’m thinking Drake. I’m thinking Kardashian — only the one that dates the football players.”

Drake, it seems, had been the A-lister producers had been hankering to get on the show. “We have to give him something that he can’t not show up for. Even though he knows we’re out there, we just have to go for perfection,” the host said, before pitching that he always wanted to throw a star in an earthquake scenario.

But how will he make it perfect? Well, Kutcher wants Drake caught in the earthquake while in a parking garage on the way to meet the vice president.

“We’re gonna shake things up for Drake a bit,” the “Two and a Half Men” star said. “I highly anticipate Drake urinating; he might scream a little bit.”

Cut to the prank day: The rapper is in the car with the “Secret Service,” whom he pleasantly accepts compliments from. From behind the scenes, Kutcher adds, “If we can sell this, we own it.”

While in the parking garage, the car begins to shake and the MC looks visibly afraid. “Why are we in a parking garage?” a very scared Drake says. “Yo, that is no joke … that’s my first earthquake ever.”

Things quickly begin to crumble. A random, frightened person gets in the car, and Drake gets into a bit of a screaming match with a couple. The woman goes into labor, which exasperates Drake even more.

While Drake is shaken by the events, Ashton is in the back laughing at what is unfolding.

“We don’t have the keys!” Drake screams as another aftershock happens, and just as Drake is on the verge of tears, Ashton pops out and picks him up for a hug. “Yo, that sh–‘s no joke. So we don’t get to meet the vice president? I called my mom and everything!” he told Ashton.

Afterward he confessed, “I said very early on in my career that this is such a sign of feeling like you really accomplished something when Ashton decides to punk [you], so today is a semi-feeling of accomplishment, but at the same time, f— you! I do not appreciate that at all!”

Ashton, pleased with the first punk, says, “I told you we wouldn’t miss,” and from there, he moves on to Kim.

Kanye West’s better half is taken for a ride with her prank, which also includes scaring sister Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick. “Right now, what we’re doing, we’re keeping it Kutcher,” Ashton says before kicking off the prank. “Kim, you’re about to learn what a real reality show looks like.”

In the control room, Ashton directs the practical joke. It starts off with Scott talking to a superfan and takes a photo with him, with Kim completely unaware of what is happening. Soon, the fan knocks on the window and takes a photo with her, per Ashton’s instructions.

When Scott comes back in the car, he realizes his wallet is missing, goes to chase down the fan/suspect, all with the gas nozzle still in the car. Boom, explosion. “OK, something weird is really going on,” Kim says.

As one man shouts at the twosome for blowing up his car in the gas-station explosion, an increasingly upset Kim says, “I am literally shaking.”

The cops arrive, and Scott gets put in cuffs for the incident, shouting the entire time that his wallet was stolen by the fan — the same one who is still taking pictures and video. Soon, though, it gets more ridiculous when Kim discovers the wallet in their car, and with that, Ashton appears, alleviating all the pressure.

As the episode closes, Ashton has this final message: “I feel like it’s complete. Everything I learned from Beyoncé to Kanye to [Justin Timberlake] and everyone we did before, it all built to this moment. I feel like the Drake bit completed a cycle for me.”

And, with that, he once again retires the trucker hat.