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I wonder who would win if these 2 really squared off?!?!?!?


Who’s REALLY the biggest boss that we’ve seen thus far???

Suge Knight Threatens To Fight Rick Ross

Yesterday, Suge Knight gave the media some entertaining fodder to run with in the form of accusations during a radio interview that Tupac Shakur is not really dead. *Sigh*. Today, we get even MORE attention-sloring quotes from the Death Row boss that he wants to lay hands on Officer Ricky Rozay for invoking the name of Tupac while also maintaining alliances with Diddy, who he claims killed ‘Pac.

Peep what the Sugary one had to say about Mr. Ross:

“I can’t sit up here and say I’m bitter to Rick Ross, ‘cus like anybody else, we don’t know Rick Ross,” Suge said. “That’s a guy who uses somebody else’s name. This guy comes from being a correctional officer. I don’t got nothing negative [against him] personally, I just feel like he do do good music, and you can’t take that from him. That boy got bars, he’s gonna write…at the same time, I feel like there’s a line you cross, and Rick Ross crossed that line. If you’re gonna be with guy [Diddy] who killed Tupac, you can’t go turn around and do a record [called] ‘Tupac Back’…Rick Ross is a grown a$$ *****. I’ll beat the dog sh** out of Rick Ross for manipulating these people out here.”

Should be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. Do you think Suge is really about that life? Considering his street record of getting knocked the f**k out so often, we’d have to see it to believe it.