So I just got back from LA and you wont believe who Kanye was chillin with as if they were back together….YUP!!!! Kim Kardashian.

According to some of my people in the camp who ere closer to the scene, “Kanye was eating Kim up like she was a piece of cake. He was all over her, caressing her head, touching her waist. I think he was dying to kiss her, but there were too many people in the room.”

I Ain’t gon lie if Kim asksed me to go to the back room with her I would get my camera and GO IN!!!! I don’t care what she has done in the past. (especially since i sold the bootleg video with her and Ray J).

Fellas would you go out with Kim K even though she attracts all that attention and everybody thinks she is a gold digger? Be Honest!!

But it looks like Kanye is the next to fall in the Kardashian trap… stay tuned!!

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