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It appears that Clive Davis is almost finished with a script about the life of Whitney Houston and is preparing to start shooting the movie as soon as possible, Clive Davis will be one of the producers of the untitled movie and there is a short list of people who are being considered to play Whitney on screen!!

Rumor has it that Willow Smith would be playing the young Whitney Houston and Vivica A. Fox would be playing Whitney around the time of her Death….So that leaves WHITNEY the superstar from the 80’s and 90’s and look at who is on this list:


Jennifer Hudson

Jordan Sparks

Jordan Sparks is fresh of her role in “SPARKLE”, in which she stars as Whitney’s daughter and well Jennifer does have the voice to sing all of Whitney’s hits, but Rihanna’s body shape does kind of favor Whitney’s body and well Rihanna’s voice isn’t that bad either….

But what about other actresses like Halle Berry or Angela Bassett and other singers like Alicia Keys???

So that begs the question

Who Do YOU Want To Play Whitney Houston?