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According to VladTV:

The King of Diamonds strip show this weekend presented its guests with a very unexpected and unfortunate occurrence. Tip Drill, one of the most famous and talented strippers in Miami, was hospitalized after apparently suffering from a very bad fall during her performance.

Tip Drill is known for her masterful acrobatic skills. She really takes the art of the striptease to new heights, as she is often seen climbing to the top of the pole and performing all sorts of insane moves on the ceiling.

Details on her fall are scarce. Everyone who knows anything has kept a very tight lid on the accident since it happened.

Rapper Drake publicly announced his concerns for Tip Drill via Twitter, February 18th:

“Praying for my homegirl Tip Drill one time.”

Close friend and fellow stripper Shraw Berry constantly updated her Twitter feed with brief news on Tip Drill’s condition this past Saturday.

“Y’all Tip is alive but she’s not doin good. She might have to go through surgery. I’ll know in the next hour!” She followed this up with a vague and possibly grim Tweet. “Y’all pray for my friend…”

Within the past hour, however, Skraw left everyone with a hopeful tweet regarding Tip:

“TIP DRILL is still here and she will in fact make a FULL recovery….. Please stop the rumors!!!!!!”

Tip Drill and fellow stripper Skrawberry made headlines in late January when the duo crashed a taping of MSNBC’s political news show, “Morning Joe;” and just last week dropped a strip club remix to Tyga’s smash hit, “Rack City” (below).