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Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson recently discussed his close relationship with Jay-Z with the local Kansas City press.

A lot of people don’t know that goes beyond me just wearing his clothes. I could switch to Nike tomorrow and Jay would be completely cool with it. There are only a couple of athletes Jay-Z was cool enough to let in his little small circle of people that he calls friends. It’s me, LeBron and that’s about it. It’s a real tight group. It goes beyond me just wearing clothes. We’ve become friends now. If I wanted to do Nike or Reebok or anything else, he would have input, but he would never say ‘OK, I can’t (mess) with you no more because of that.’ He’s never been that way. We just happened to hit it off.”…

Johnson: “He definitely did that. Between me and you, he definitely didn’t want me to do that Fantasia video

. I definitely got cussed out for that one. He told me there were a lot of things he wanted to do, but he couldn’t do them. He said, ‘You gotta be able to look at yourself as a business, as stock, and the less things you do, the more people will have interest in you. The more things you do, you water down your value.’ “

SMH at “cussing him out”. We got a tip early this month from someone allegedly who works for Trump Tower:

I am writing you to asked a question. I work in the building Jay z lives in Trump Tower and though him and Bee are together, I’ve never seen her in his building? But what’s strange to me……..I see Larry Johnson all the time in fact he lives with Jay-z. The other night they attended Cav& Nets games……..when did they become so close? and why is Larry living with Jay. I have some video footage from phone of them together in the building. Is jay gay? Read this:

The Chiefs have been talking to Johnson’s agent about a new deal, but the two sides still are far apart. A club source put the odds of Johnson holding out this summer at 50-50. Johnson, who owns a home in New York with rapper Jay-Z, showed up in Kansas City Sunday for the first time since the team began its voluntary workouts last month and has worked out with his teammates the last 2 days. He has indicated that he will attend the team’s postdraft minicamp in 2 weeks.

Now let’s look at the facts. I don’t know and don’t really care much if Larry Johnson is the ghey but here are just a few reasons that might provide some clues as to why folks have so many questions:

  • In addition to playing football . . . Larry Johnson is a male model – A profession so swishy that male ballerinas probably give them hassle (Note at least male ballerinas touch other women).
  • As I noted previously LJ has been involved in a number of instances related to domestic abuse . . . Obviously the guy has a problem with the women folk.
  • And like I said that “diamond” hand sign thing is just stupid and is definitely the ghey even if LJ is not.
  • And now it’s revealed that the guy owns a house and lives with another man. I have friends, I’ve never had a roommate but that’s not a big deal . . . However, I contend that no heterosexual man would ever buy a house and live in it with another dude who wasn’t a relative . . . Tell me why I’m wrong.

    So I leave it to you good readers . . . What is your take on the subject? Personally, I don’t care if Larry Johnson is they ghey or not but I would rather he spent more time worrying about the upcoming Chiefs season rather than how he can please his life parter Jay-Z. “Now you be the judge!”

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